Eileen Fishman for Council


Government Director.
Business Owner. Pharmacist. Grandmother.

I supervise almost 50 employees who work on 6 different grants, oversee large government budgets, write grants, and have negotiated labor contracts on the management side. 

​​As the Deputy Director for Essex County Community Health Services, I supervise 48 employees who work on 6 different grants that benefit citizens ranging in age from birth to senior citizen.  I am also the Director of the Office of Addiction Services for Essex County/ Alcohol Coordinator in which role I teach both students and senior citizens about the dangers of drug and alcohol use and abuse.  In my dual governmental roles, I have gained in-depth knowledge and experience with grant writing, governmental budgeting, people and resource management, communication techniques, and education.

Prior to working for the government, I had varied roles in private industry and owned and managed numerous successful businesses.  For example, I worked as a New Jersey Registered Pharmacist in, and helped run, a community pharmacy for approximately 35 years. In that role, I was involved in union contract negotiations, staffing decisions, and other work involved in the day-to-day operations of the pharmacy.  I also previously owned and operated a successful, local family-owned pharmacy where I was responsible for third-party contract negotiations, supervising staff, hiring and firing employees, and negotiating insurance coverage in addition to other day-to-day responsibilities for the management and oversight of the business.  I also owned and operated a wholesale and retail bakery where I was solely responsible for business operations of the bakery’s wholesale marketing and retail business.

I have also volunteered extensively with community and religious organizations often ascending to leadership positions.   


Roseland desperately needs new leadership that possesses the professional qualifications to make sound, well-reasoned decisions on behalf of our Borough and all of its residents.  We need leadership that is neither closely tied to nor responsible for any of current challenges Roseland and its residents face.  I am part of the team that meets that description and I am running because I know how to make impactful and positive changes for this beautiful place that we all call home.
I will bring to the Council a background and skill set to make Roseland's government a better, more ethical and fiscally responsible governing body for our residents.  I am not only an excellent and active  listener but I am also a solution-oriented problem solver with the ability to see the whole problem and coalesce it into a workable solution.

No campaign can be successful without the support and help of our friends and residents who believe not only in us but in the power of building a better Roseland for all of our residents. 
You can support Eileen by getting involved in or making any monetary contribution to her campaign.  

To get involved, please contact us at [email protected] .

Any financial contribution is greatly appreciated.  To make a monetary contribution, please make checks payable to Committee to Elect Eileen Fishman   and mail them to

Committee to Elect Eileen Fishman
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