Roger Freda for Council

Committed Public Servant. Experienced Infrastructure Expert.
Emergency Services Volunteer. ​Father.

My unique education and experience, as well as my background in the operations of municipal government, enable me to contribute to the Borough Council in a way that no other candidate can.
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I have lived nearly all of my life in West Essex County -- over two decades of which was spent living in Roseland. It was here in Roseland that I met my wife, Jessica, whose family is also from West Essex County, and today we are fortunate enough to be raising our children in Roseland. I am running for a seat on the Roseland Borough Council to deliver to the residents the dignified and open representation they deserve.

As a result of my love of Roseland, I have a track record that demonstrates my commitment to public service to giving back to my community. As a 15-year member of the Roseland Volunteer Fire Department, I sought to protect my neighbors and fellow citizens under the most difficult of situations.  Doing my tenure as Deputy of the Roseland Office of Emergency Management, I devoted countless hours to protecting Roseland’s residents and their properties. I worked tirelessly to making roads passable during storms and hurricanes. I spent many days assisting residents and businesses who were seriously impacted by the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy and the resulting outages. Some of my most memorable and fulfilling moments in that role, however, were spent just chatting and checking in on Roseland’s elderly and sick residents during welfare checks  – letting them know that they are never alone and that our community is one that cares. My many years on the Roseland First Aid Squad as an EMT were equally fulfilling and rewarding.

My unique education and experience, as well as my background in the operations of municipal government, enable me to contribute to the Borough Council in a way that no other candidate can. My entire professional career has been spent working for municipal governments. More specifically, I have worked for various municipalities where my duties have been concentrated in the areas of water distribution, waste water collections, road repair/reconstruction, union negotiations, customer service, engineering plans and overseeing projects. I am a Licensed Water Distribution Operator and an Advanced Waste Water Collection Operator having earned my W-1 and Waste Water C-1 & C-2 Licenses from New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection. Too often, our elected leaders have overlooked the potentially costly impacts on Roseland’s infrastructure, such as our water and wastewater collection systems, when discussing the proposed major redevelopment projects. My knowledge, experience, and expertise will prove invaluable to our Borough in finding the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to address the strain that will be placed on our infrastructure.

I recognize that it is not in the best interest of the Borough to have a Mayor and Borough Council that use meetings to attack residents and those positions should not be used to carry out political vendettas. The Borough Council Meeting should be a welcoming and open forum for residents and elected officials alike.
I want action not antagonism, respect not retaliation, and honor not humiliation.  
I am seeking the support of Roseland’s residents so I may continue to give back to the town that has given me so much.

I appreciate your support and your vote. Let us all work together to Restore Roseland!
No campaign can be successful without the support and help of our friends and residents who believe not only in us but in the power of building a better Roseland for all of our residents. 
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