Our Resident & Community Focused Platform
Responsible Planning - Looking Forward Not Backward

  • Develop a Master Plan for the Borough to ensure that future development reflects well-thought out plans instead of ideas thrown together last minute in a panic
  • Ensure that future development fulfills our affordable housing obligations so we are never again forced to undergo massive unplanned development
  • Make sure Roseland remains a desirable place to work by approving mixed use developments to give employees places to grab a quick, affordable meal or run other errands in close proximity to the business community
  • Seek out alliances with not-for-profits to establish alternate affordable housing opportunities including specially-abled adult and/or veterans’ housing to limit/reduce the 80% non-affordable housing units demanded by developers
  • Ensure that public safety, emergency response, infrastructure, traffic, and fiscal assessment studies are conducted and shared with developers and residents and an effective plan is put in place to resolve any concerns established prior to undertaking or constructing new units
  • Study Roseland’s current and future needs for municipal services and put a plan in place to properly staff those services to ensure the right level of support for our police, DPW, and other municipal services
  • Ensure that our public school system's funding is a priority and plays a role in all future development negotiations

Keeping Roseland Affordable

  • Make sure that Roseland remains an affordable place to live by approving mixed use developments to create higher ratables that will offset residents’ taxes and keep our current corporate residents in Roseland
  • Ensure that taxation is fair and equitable and that all community members have a vested stake in keeping Roseland great by requiring that new developments include both owner-occupied and rental units
  • Study Roseland’s current and future needs for municipal services to determine what services can be shared with neighboring communities
  • Perform an analysis on services that are currently outsourced to outside contractors to determine if it is financially prudent to continue to outsource so much repair work or whether some or all of that work can be done in-house for less money by current employes

Respectful and Ethical Leadership

  • Treat all of our residents, even those who disagree with us, with respect and dignity
  • Refrain from inappropriate/disrespectful banter and refuse to defend those who behave inappropriately
  • Encourage input and actually listen to the thoughts of our community members
  • Improve how we communicate with all of our residents to ensure that Borough news and information is widely-disseminated and available to all of our community members
  • Implement both an Ethics Policy and Social Media Policy  that will govern all elected and appointed Borough officials as well as the on-the-job conduct of Roseland’s employees
  • Take compliance seriously and lead by example

Transparent, Effective Communication

  • Provide straightforward answers and include residents in the decision-making process
  • Implement a 3-1-1 resident to government communication system to allow quick access to public services
  • Publish resolutions to be voted upon and agendas for public meetings at least 5 days prior to scheduled meetings
  • Overhaul the Borough’s website to make it more user friendly
  • Listen to residents’ concerns and collaborate together to address  
  • Provide real solutions to address resident concerns such as those involving garbage pick-up and traffic.
  • Operate a hands on government, holding vendors and outside contractors accountable for their commitments and services provided to the borough

Community Building

  • Preserve Roseland’s quaint character and maintain our small-town feel
  • Bring our community together by planning and publishing year-long community events and  establishing a community-building committee to plan and oversee those events
  • Create a Borough-centric recreational area/passive park through fund-raising and contributions from developers, corporate citizens, and residents as well as Essex County Open Space/State Green acres funds
  • Improve corporate involvement and investment in our community
  • Establish more community programs for all of our residents from tots to seniors
  • Work with the recreation committee to re-establish booster clubs to fund additional improvements to our programs and facilities