Why You Should Support and Vote for Our Team

We love being asked this question.  

You should support and vote for James, Eileen, and Roger because they are the only candidates running in this election who

  • are qualified,
  • have not contributed to the many challenges currently faced by Roseland, and
  • are neither controlled by nor closely aligned with the current officials whose decisions and actions have led not only  many of those challenges but also brought a great deal of embarassment, bad publicity, and divisiveness to our wonderful little town.  


We are the only team running in this election where every single one of the candidates has broad-based governmental experience.   

We Have Not Contributed to Challenges Currently Facing Roseland

One of the teams seeking your vote this November in Roseland contributed to the affordable housing debacle that now requires massive development in Roseland by repeatedly kicking the ball the down the road and starting the process enabling the Avalon to be built without any affordable housing units, which we all now know was a huge mistake.  Members of that team, like the current administration, also thought little of using your hard-earned tax dollars to fund poorly-thought out litigation that often resulted in costly losses and/or settlements for Roseland.  

 Between us, we have

  • created, managed, and run government budgets of over $44,000,000,
  • overseen various governmental departments and staffs,
  • been able to run governmental departments with large budgets without increasing taxes over a period of 8 years,
  • supervised well over one hundred employees,
  • been responsible for labor (contract) negotiations on behalf of management,
  • developed skills and understanding of economical and effective road repairs and maintenance,
  • developed specialized skills in governmental grant writing,
  • obtained a deep understanding of cost-effective water main and sewer problem resolution and maintenance,
  • provided instruction on pressing issues such as alcohol and drug abuse and drug interactions to a broad range of age groups from  students to senior citizens, and
  • committed to community involvement through our decades’ long involvement in Roseland’s emergency services such as the volunteer fire department, Office of Emergency Management, and First Aid Squad, religious organizations, and civic endeavors such as fighting against both the building and expansion of the compressor station.
We are the only team truly independent of any ties to the existing problems in Roseland.  

We Are Not Controlled By Nor Closely Aligned With Officials Who Created Challenges & Caused Roseland Embarassment 

The other team is closely aligned to the current officials who not only brought shame, embarassment, and bad press to our town but have spent taxpayers' hard-earned money on countless lawsuits, contributed to the affordable housing mess by also kicking the ball down the road, and began a practice of alienating residents through dismissive conduct.

Residents Shouldn't Have to Rely on Luck When Elected Officials Make the Decisions for Roseland.  Good Decisions Come From Experience, Knowledge, and Know-How!

Bad Decisions Won't Stop Unless Voters Elect Good Candidates With The Experience and Qualifications to Make Better Choices for Roseland!

We know Roseland is made up of good people and neighbors and that we are better than that!

You can vote for more of the same
you can vote for
experienced and qualified leadership for Roseland
by voting for
Spango, Fishman & Freda!

We will tie together transparency, integrity, and experience for a better Roseland!